IMX6 Flickering Display

Hi I am working on a project that use Colibri IMX6 with TFT display. My display part number KOE TX18D35VM0APA. The display is flickering or blinking too much. I tried the recommended setting of the display, but still flicker.

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Hi @jayson , do you use Display Tool? Except for the recommended setting, you can also try other 800*480 configurations from Display Tool. By the way, what is the WinCE version?

We are using WINCE 2013. I use different display preset from display tool with 800x480 resolution.

Hi @jayson , could you share your current setting from Display Tool? A screen capture of the Display Tool if you are using remote display.

please try the following setting. The timing data comes from your LCD datasheet chapter 9.2. You can find each setting’s information here. You can adjust each one to make LCD working better.

Thank you. What is the ideal adjustment? What are the important parameter?

CxScreen and CyScreen are fixed. hsw, blw, elw, vsw, bfw and efw are adjustable as timing parameters.