Imx6 colibri pppd connection with static IP

Dear Ritesh,
There is a issue with the connectivity of pppd with the static IP on boot,

The ppp is using the default route to transfer the packets which I am able to communicate the packets to the desired server when no connection is present on the ethernet port (no ethernet connection on eth0)

Once you connect an ethernet port the default ip is replaced with the which stops the packet transfer and unable to send the packets.
I am trying to set the default gateways on boot so that the pppd connection takes the desired default route.
Can you please suggest on the same.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Basava.lg

Since you already have this query asked in other thread I will suggest kindly reply at one place.

Please reply to above thread if with the provided response you are not able to resolve issue. We will continue in above post.

Thanks and Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar