iMX6 board - SPI library with .NET C# wrapper does not work

Hello support.

iMX6 under WinCE8 with latest CE libraries (Toradex CE Libraries V1.6.3123) in use.
Attempting to initialize SPI using .NET wrapper and sample code provided by you in together with the library.
All the time SPI_Init returns 0 (zero) means no init handler is provided.
Obviously no further configuration is possible with missing handler.
Can you confirm if some additional configuration should be made prior to use this library ?

Below is the code used:

//Assign variables
IntPtr SPI_handle;

        //Initialize SPI bus  
        SPI_handle = spi.Spi_Init("SPI1");
        ResultBox.Text += "SPI Handler: " + SPI_handle.ToString() + "\r\n";

        // Set mode and speed
        bool spi_res1 = spi.Spi_SetConfigInt(SPI_handle, "SpiMode", 3, TdxCommon.ParamStorageType.StoreVolatile);
        bool spi_res2 = spi.Spi_SetConfigInt(SPI_handle, "BitRateHz", 10*1000*1000, TdxCommon.ParamStorageType.StoreVolatile);

        ResultBox.Text += "Set config results: " + spi_res1.ToString() + "  " + spi_res2.ToString() + "\r\n";

        bool spi_open = spi.Spi_Open(SPI_handle);
        ResultBox.Text += "SPI open: " + spi_open.ToString() + "\r\n";

Thank you,

Currenlty SPI library works only on Vybrid.
If you try to initialize it on i.MX6, the operation will fail.
We just finished to implement an SPI driver on i.MX6, but we still have to develop the wrapping layer required to integrate it inside our libraries.

Thank you fir your response. What is ETA for this driver to apear in WinCE drivers package? This is one of important things for us along with CAN bus support.

I hope to include it in the 1.0 release due in a few weeks.

SPI will be important for us in the next few weeks as well. Will the library have support for using with dma or will we need to do that ourselves? We are using c++. Thanks

At the moment the driver uses FIFOs, what is your target transfer speed?

And in 1.0 image we will release SPI driver, not the SPI library, this will be developed in the future.

Currently our max speed would be 8mbps on two channels which i think we would get away with using FIFOs. Future revisions of our product will most likely require a higher speed.