IMX6 acts as a Webcam


Currently I work on USB gadget features on Apalis IMX6 board. I’ve succeed to make this board acts like a mass storage device thanks to g_mass_storage module.
The next step is to make apalis board acts like a webcam. Today, we use gstreamer to display video datas from camera through /dev/video0 (with generic_camera).

By following this thread
link text
I configure kernel to have g_webcam module. But when I try to install the module, got this error :

modprobe: FATAL: Module g_webcam not found.

g_webcam is however present in drivers/usb/gadget on the target.

Could someone help me ?


You are a bit ambiguous here. A kernel module would end in *.ko, so you should have a file g_webcam.ko installed in a path which starts with /lib/modules.

E.g. this should find the file:

find /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ -name g_webcam.ko

Did you, after installing the kernel module but before trying to insert it with modprobe run depmod successfully?


Hi @max.tx,

Thank you for advice.

g_webcam.ko is correctly find. Now, with depmod command, I’m able to load module, even if they are some issues :

[   53.293071] libcomposite: Unknown symbol config_group_init (err 0)
[   53.299399] libcomposite: Unknown symbol configfs_unregister_subsystem (err 0)
[   53.306709] libcomposite: Unknown symbol config_item_set_name (err 0)
[   53.313883] libcomposite: Unknown symbol configfs_register_subsystem (err 0)
[   53.321061] libcomposite: Unknown symbol config_group_init_type_name (err 0)
[   53.328226] libcomposite: Unknown symbol config_item_put (err 0)

Before to continue, is that my goal possible to do ? I mean, have you ever realized or heard about this kind of project ? (plug system based on apalis imx6 on host computer by usb to use it as a webcam ?)


We here at Toradex did never use the webcam gadget. Apart from the community post you mention I have also not heard from any customer doing so.