Imx_rpmsg_tty doesn't work on Verdin Plus iMX8MP BSP 6.3


we’re using imx_rpmsg_tty for communication between Linux and firmware on Cortex M. On BSP 5.7 I’ve managed to get it to work. After upgrading to BSP 6.3 I can’t get it to work.

In kernel 5.15 used in this BSP version, device tree changed, there is no longer rpmsg node, there is just remoteproc node representing Cortex M7 (according to NXP’s and yours overlay). Can you use imx_rpmsg_tty with this configuration? It seems remoteproc should/can create virtio channels and kick them as imx_rpmsg did, but it doesn’t seem to happen. M7 firmware then just gets stuck on rpmsg_lite_is_link_up function returning false. And no ttyRPMSG* devices appear.

Do you have any solutions or tips? Thank you

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Nevermind, I just haven"t noticed “rsc-table” node in device tree was renamed to “rsc_table” (this is the name imx_rproc looks for).