Imx-loader imx_usb how to build statically linked

I tried to bulid a production package for our factory an like to include the imx_usb tool.
Therefore I tried to build it with the recipe « imx-loader « recipes-devtools - meta-toradex-nxp.git - Toradex BSP layer, recipes for NXP based modules
I struggle to deliver the tool because of the depending shared libs and is pathes to my yocto workspace.
I saw that in the Toradex Easy Installer Download (1.8) you deliver the imx_tool statically linked.
It the recipe to do so available?
Best regards

Hi Stefan. You can access our Easy Installer meta layer in . We use the recipe tezi-run-metada to install imx_usb. Your best approach however would be to build imx_ubs yourself from source and add the binary through a simple recipe.