Impossible to launch camtest2 on win ce 5

Hello ,

I try to install the uvc driver for win ce 5 on a old gps ( acer v200 ). I put the file in a new folder ( flashdisk ) and the install do correctly. But when i want to launch i have this error message:
“Can’t open uvc driver, error code 55 , the camera is plugged in ?”
i test my camera and that works on my pc.
I see one problem : when i want to connect my gps and my pc i see only sd card. it’s not possible to connect directly with the gps ( windows ce 5 ).
But maybe the’re is a solution?
Thank you in advance for yours advises.

Dear whatlou,
Well, we don’t provide support for non Toradex products. However, I guess the problem is related to the fact, that the system doesn’t find the driver on your system. You can try to copy all the files from the FlashDisk Folder to the \Windows folder. The content might be lost after power cycle though, depending on how the root file system is mounted (RAM or Flash). Good luck.