I am using the guide at the following internet address:

After adding the dependencies (devpackages, extrapackages ) and pressing F5, I got the following errors (see attached figure).

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

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This is an issue related with Serial Studio: Compilation fails on updated Arch system · Issue #115 · Serial-Studio/Serial-Studio · GitHub

Apparently in 2022 Serial Studio was updated to be compiled with Qt 6 instead of Qt 5. So the dependencies listed in the blog post you referenced (which is from 2021) don’t apply anymore for current versions of Serial Studio.

You can work around this problem in a few ways:

  • Use an older version of Serial Studio that still uses Qt 5;
  • Replace all Qt 5 related packages in devpackages/extrapackages with Qt 6 equivalent ones.

Just keep in mind that currently our modules don’t have hardware acceleration support for Qt 6. We’re aware of this and the team is discussing a way to solve it.

So, in the meantime, I’d recommend that you use Qt 5 if you want to have hardware accelerated graphics.

Hope this helps you.

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Lucas Akira

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Hope you are doing well. May I know if you have any updates on this topic?

Hello Rudhi,
I’m fine thanks, as I hope for you.
I put this problem on hold. I am focusing on other activities.

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