Import FreeRTOS for imx7 to eclipse

I’m working with Colibri imx7 module. I would like to use eclipse with gnu gcc plugin to comaile freertos examples. I manually copy all files used in hello world into new c project in eclipse and I set up all so I’m able to compile without errors but bin file is not working on module. Binary file created with scripts from armgcc folder of FreeRTOS with the same toolchain are working fine. Sizes of files are also different. Is there a template project for Eclipse or to trial how to import examples?
I would also like to debug with openocd but there is no working configuration file for Cortex-M4. I tried to make my own but with no luck. Maybe someone have such configuration ?


Sounds like either the compiler selected in the project options, or the project options set in Eclipse are wrong. If you are building the same files with the same compiler and the same options then you would expect the output. Can you view the output in the Eclipse console and compare with the output generated by whatever other method of compiling you are using?

When using an external build solution, make sure that you use the correct linker script (.ld, e.g. most examples use MCIMX7D_M4_tcm.ld), the correct tool chain and replicate all the preprocessor defines/compiler flags in your Eclipse settings. Also note that U-Boot requires the firmware in binary format (not elf). It is probably easier to rely on the working external build system (CMake). My colleague Max has more experience with Eclipse, he might have some additional tips.

As for OpenOCD: Unfortunately we don’t have a working/tested OpenOCD script for i.MX 7 at the moment. Our partner Antmicro created a script for Vybrid once, that might work or be used as a template: Antmicro · Debugging the Cortex-M4 core on the Vybrid SoC with OpenOCD Detailed information about the i.MX 7 Debug architecture can be found in the Reference Manual.

Another solution might be to use Segger J-Link, which comes with a gdbserver implementation which works well together with gdb/Eclipse. Segger should release a software pack which support the Cortex-M4 core of the i.MX 7 within the next days (see this forum post).