Implement webserver

I am implementing the webserver from the demo, download from here. When I try to run the webserverdemo2.exe, the error message occur that


Please anyone can suggest what may be the issue?

@vikky: Did you check once, if there was an issue copying the file? Try once to delete the file and copy it again.

@samuel.tx: I just deploy from the visual studio and also try to manually copy paste.But the error is same.

@Vikky: Just to make sure: Are you building with the right SDK for the right OS Version? If you build with CE7, you will not be able to run it on CE6.

yes I have checked. I am using “Toradex_CE600(ARMv4I)” configuration manager.

Are you sure you using the latest standard image? Try once with version 1.5b2. may be some components have been missing before. This is the binary I have tried with.