Image Processing


One of Our Projects require Image Processing,Live Streaming and UI. Image Processing will mainly deal with Edge detection,Edge enhancing scenario. The processed image will be Streamed to LCD Screen. Screen will also contain UI Features to change certain settings (We plan for QT).

Which is the best module suitable for such an application?

Please give us some reference to Documents or Sites regarding Image processing in Linux environment?

Aneesh K N

hi aneesh

For your requirements, the best will be the Apalis line.
Apalis modules have a csi input for camera, good graphic performance for image processing and QT based applications. It provides also the standard display outputs (HDMI, VGA and RGB).
For the beginning, we would recommend you start with Apalis Imx6 and if this is not enough performance for you, you could switch to Apalis TK1 or Apalis imx8 in the future.

For some information about images processing in linux, check this.

Best regards