IE7 on WEC 7/Iris/iMX6DL is not able to show PNG files

Open the iMX6 WinCE7 Workspace in PB and include Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), HTML/DHTML API, Plug-in Image decoder and PNG Image Decoder.
Create an image of the OS.
Use the update tool to install the new image.

Start IE7 in the target device and open a PNG file on the local storage.
The result in a small X. The image is not loaded.
If a JPG image is selected, it is opened successfully.

Note: The ImageViewer application in the BSP is able to show the PNG files.

Please advise.

alt text

The link you sent doesn’t help. The issue we are having is specific about loading PNG files in Internet Explorer on WEC7.

Please advise.

Dear @ftp,

I built an image with internet explorer and able to view PNG file in the browser. I did google search “PNG” and opened a few PNG files. Attached the built image for your testing purpose.
If it doesn’t work, could you share the web link or procedure how to test that?

Thank you