I2C2 on Ixora LVDS connector

On Ixora V1.1 datasheet rev 1.2:

  • page 24: pins 36 and 38 are listed as “NC”, Not Connected

On Ixora V1.1 schematics rev July 19, 2017:

  • page 1 specifies “21. LVDS schematic page. I2C2 signals have been connected to the connector X19, pin 36 and 38.”
  • page 14 shows pins 36 and 38 as connected to the I2C2

Which one is correct? Is it just that the datasheet has not been updated to reflect the change?

Dear @diegor,

thank you very much for using the Toradex Community and for the valuable feedback you provided.
You are definitely, right, there is a mistake in the datasheet.

Pins 36 and 38 of connector X19 are connected respectively to the signals LVDS1_I2C2_SDA and LVDS1_I2C2_SCL.

The datasheet is not mentioning this detail. I have already opened a ticket about that, we will update this in the next document revision.

Thanks again for your valuable help, I wish you a nice Easter.