I2C tools not available


I am unable to find the I2C tools ( i2cdetect , i2cset and i2cget) on the board. I am using the the torizon build 5.1.0-devel-202011+build.4 on Verdin Mini 1.0B.

Please let me know if I should install it separately and where can I find them.


Greetings @gauravks,

Yes there was a change in the Embedded Linux BSP 5.0, where i2ctools are no longer included by default. Since Torizon is built on top of this, the change was inherited here as well. Fortunately since you are running Torizon you shouldn’t need to rebuild the entire OS image to re-include this utility.

All you need to do is run a container with a package manager. For example a Debian container with apt. Then from there you can just simply use the package manager to install i2ctools from that distributions package feed. Just keep in mind that i2ctools will only exist in this container and not on the base system itself. If you really require i2ctools on the base OS system then, yes you will need to use Yocto to rebuild the OS image to include this.

Otherwise I’d suggest just container a container that has this utility so you can access it whenever.

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Thanks Jeremias, I compiled the i2ctools separately from source and copied them to the board.

Hi @gauravks,

Please describe your use-case in detail.

Do you require i2ctools to be executed in TorizonCore directly?

Please, be aware that the expected use-case for applications on TorizonCore is by the usage of Containers.

Please have a look at this following articles:

  1. Debian Containers for Torizon
  2. Developer Tools Container for TorizonCore
  3. Modifying TorizonCore Debian Based Container Images

Best regards,

André Curvello