I2C GPIO EXPANDER Problem with Input (Cortex-M)

Hi all,
I have a problem with the I2C GPIO Expander (PCAL6416A) on the Verdin Development Board.

A brief description of the problem:
If I configure the 16 pins as output, it works perfectly. I can switch each pin on and off. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the configuration as an input. Pin 1_3- 1_7 (I1.7 - I1.3) works fine as Input. if the input register is read while the pin is switched, one bit is flipped. When I measure the voltage at these pins with a multimeter, I also measure almost 0V, which is how it should be. On the Pins 1_2- 0_0 (I1.2- I0.0) this dosnt work. Also I can measure almost 1.8V at these pins.

I have the same thing with another Verdin Devboard. So i think this isnt a hardware problem.

I’m just not getting anywhere at this point. Can anyone help?


Hi @billi1234,

Could you please share more information about your problem?

  • Which OS are you using? Torizon, BSP… Which Version?
  • What module and carrier board are you using?
  • You mentioned “Cortex-M” in the ticket title, are you trying the use the M4 microprocessor?

Also, I didn’t understand what you mean by those pins. Are these pins related to our devboard?Or is it something else?

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Hi @hfranco.tx,


  • We use Torizon. But that should not matter here, because we want to control the I2C Gpio expander with the Cortex-M. The Cortex-A is currently not yet booted.

  • At the moment we use ther Verdin Development board V1.1B

  • Yes we are using the M4 microprocessor. That works well for us. As already mentioned I have no problems when the GPIO expander (the pins) are configured as output. There I can switch all pins. I have only problems with the Input.

These are the marked pins. These go to the pin headers X8 and X10. There they are called EX_1 - EX_16

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Torizon is run A cores so if you are using Torizon - Cortex-A is booted. Moreover you can not boot M core(s) without booting an A core.

How exactly you are configuring the GPIO expander? Could you provide compilable test project so we can try to described repro issue locally

Hey @alex.tx

We used the SDK sample project for I2C Rtos from NXP for this. The read and write functions for the I2C work there without any problems.

Below I show you what I described for registers for the input pins:

  1. Configuration register pair (06h, 07h)
    Set both to 0xFF, to set the Pins

  2. Pull-up/pull-down enable register pair (46h, 47h)
    Set both to 0xFF, to enable Pull-ups/Pull-downs

  3. Pull-up/pull-down selection register pair (48h, 49h)
    Set both to 0x00, to have an input with pulldown

That is all I have done. and so the above problem exists.

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COuld you share a download path to the SDK sample project for I2C Rtos from NXP and your project in compilable form?