I want to use apalis-Tk1 CAN?

we are trying to use apalis tk1 CAN ( MCU CAN 2 ports ) but we don’t have add on module, we are building our own transceiver using generic CAN transceiver and circuit, so now where can i get the api’s to configure and use the CAN interface, manual says that it supports standard linux bsp, does that mean i can use linux socket CAN api ?

I read this How can I use CANBus on Apalis TK1? - Toradex Community
presently the image version we are using is 800-capture.png
now with this image can i use the can or do i need to flash with recent version ?

Unfortunately that old beta version of yours is no longer supported and you would need to upgrade to either 2.7b5 or 2.8b1. As the CAN functionality is still being worked on you may also find a further optimised version to be installed via Toradex Easy Installer as e.g. mentioned here.