i.MX8QM not booting anymore

Hello Toradex Community,

I have been working on the i.MX8QM for the past months. This included reflashing the board from time to time using the toradex easy installer and putting the board into recovery mode. Today when shortening the pins for recovery mode and turning the carrier board on, the boards LED flashed briefly and the whole board turned off again. Since then I am not able to boot the i.MX8 (red LED constantly on, no output even over UART) nor put it into recovery mode (Torardex easy installer does not find the board even when trying to put it into recovery mode). I have tried booting the easy installer from sd-card, but no luck. I have tried flashing the easy installer from both ubuntu and windows. Do you have any suggestions on next steps?

Best regards

Hello @silken,

Thanks for reaching out!

May I know which carrier board you are using?

Just to confirm if it is an issue with the module itself or with the carrier board, could you please try putting the module into recovery mode using another carrier board (of course if you have multiple ones)? Please let me know if you could do that and then we will see how to proceed :slight_smile:

Hello @silken,

I hope you are doing well. May I know if you have been able to test on a different carrier board? How is it going?

Hello @rudhi.tx ,

sorry for the late response. I am currently using the Apalis Evaluation Board, however I currently do not have another board to test the SoC.

The Apalis Eval board does seem to recognize the i.MX 8 though, since the red LED does come on and the fan starts spinning.

I am currently not able to put the SoC into recovery mode, it does not get detected on various machines and Operating Systems.