I have tried to install our custom image on a toradex IMX8qxp using TEZI, from external mass storage with no success

Hardware: Colibri IMX8QXP on iris carrier board;
micro sd card with tar image for TEZI
Have TEZI running and connected to it using VNC
No external media is seen; have tried multiple times with micro sd card (ext2 and fat fs) and usb drive and never does TEZI seen the external mass storage.

Can you help me diagnose the cause of failure?

thanks and best regards, 
    Nick Caruso
    ThayerMahan corporation

How do you detect if external media is recognized? Please note that the TEZI GUI will display media if it contains a compatible image. Please try to unpack some image provided by Toradex to the media.

I’m sorry, we resolved that issue; it was operator error.