I have connected an SD card on Iris carrier board V2 and nothing happens

I have read this “On Iris V2.0, it is possible to enable/disable SD Card / MMC power. SODIMM_100 can be used to
enable/disable power to the SD Card / MMC power. Please refer to the Iris carrier board schematics
for more details.”

But i don’t understand wath must i do.


Dear @leandro.lanfrancotti

You don’t need to do anything. By default there is a pullup resistor connected on the Iris carrier board, so the SD card is enabled.

Regards, Andy

So, i put the sd card and i don’t see the card in Win CE 7.
In case of that i thinked that the SD Card in not enable by default.

What can i do about that?

Dear @leandro.lanfrancotti
I’m afraid I need more details to reproduce your problem (the stuff which was asked when you created the question).
Regards, Andy

Dear Andy,
i have a Iris Carrier Board V2.0A and a Tolibri T20V1.2A and are new.
When i put a SD card and i boot the WinCE the WinCE start but there is no SD Card.


Dear @leandro.lanfrancotti
Which release of WEC7 is running on the module?
Regards, Andy

Dear Andy, i have downloaded then tegra_winceimage_2.3-20190702 from Toradex site.

Dear @leandro.lanfrancotti

I was able to reproduce the issue here. I will need some time to find the root cause.

In the meantime it would be great if you could send me the serial number of the Iris board (the number printed on the Iris 2D-barcode label)

Regards, Andy

The Iris serial number is 10611071.
I’m waiting that you solved the issue

Best Regards

Dear Andy, i’m still waiting and i don’t be able to do the job that my customer ask to me.

There is something news?


Dear @leandro.lanfrancotti

It turned out that there are two independent issues which might lead to the SD malfunction:

1. High-speed mode configuration

We added support for SD high-speed modes in a previous OS release. The code did not properly handle some configurations, which could lead to write failures on a number of SD cards.
This was fixed in BSP V2.4b2.
This is not the problem you are facing now, but you might want to update to this BSP version anyway to avoid additional problems.

2. Pull-up Resistors

The Iris V2.0 carrier board does not have pull-up resistors for SD card signals. Instead we rely on the SoC’s internal pull-ups.
In our current Tegra BSP (V2.4b2 and older), these internal pull-ups are not activated.

You can activate the pull-ups by either

  • Writing a short application which activates the pull-ups using our Toradex Ce Libraries
  • Add the pull-up configuration to the bootloader config block.

In the bootloader command line, enter

>set gpio.bootconf "[gpio_168] altfn=-1 [gpio_169] altfn=-1 [gpio_170] altfn=-1 [gpio_171] altfn=-1 pull=down [gpio_172] altfn=-1 [gpio_173] altfn=-1 [gpio_174] altfn=-1 [gpio_175] altfn=-1 [colibripin_100] altfn=-1 dir=out lvl=1 [colibripin_49] pull=up"
>save gpio

The first part of the string are the factory default settings.The string from [colibripin_100] to the end are the additional settings required to make SD working.

We will fix this in future BSP releases.

Regards, Andy

Dear andy, we faced same issue as Leandro.
Just an information: will toradex mount the pull up resistor in the future release of iris 2.0 board or not?
Thanks in advance

Dear @signo_ri,

It’s not planned to stuff the pull-up resistors in future. The reason we removed them was because of some Modules have the ability to change IO voltage to 1.8V and having Pull-ups fixed to 3.3V would not allow to use the faster IO transfer mode with 1.8V.