I have a problem with ethernet buffer

I have a problem with the buffer size of ethernet, I developed a basic test software to transfer a file to the ethernet using compact .net framework on windows CE 7 and other to Desktop with full .net framework. The difference between them was more than 100%. I wanna know if I can solve this changing some parameter or I will need upgrade to another cpu board.

Dear @kira,

Thank you for contacting the Toradex community!

  • Could you write a more detailed explanation and setup details of the issue that would help us to replicate the issue on our side and look into it? At the moment, we don’t get such a basic file transfer complaint from our customers.
  • Did you use TCP or UDP?
  • Is it direct connection Colibri board to PC or in-between switch or router used?
  • Ethernet cable type and length?
  • Did you modify anything on Ethernet registry

We request you to share complete setup details and reproducible application with us that would help to solve the issue quickly.