I downloaded a new torizon verison 6.4, recently released, and now I can't debug because it says I have to build a new containter

I get this error when I try to buiild my project. It compiles, and then I get this:

time=“2023-12-14T23:44:42Z” level=warning msg=“The "DOCKER_LOGIN" variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.”
gimbal3bcontainer-debug Pulling
gimbal3bcontainer-debug Warning
WARNING: Some service image(s) must be built from source by running:
docker compose build %s gimbal3bcontainer-debug
1 error occurred:
* Error response from daemon: Get “”: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client
I have tried what it says, but it doesn’t work. I don’t remember having to do this when I created the original build, but it’s been a while. Is this a manual step?
if I look in Docker, I can see lots of this image.

Here is the first of many of images shown in docker.

When I deleted my old device and restarted VSC, and then did a search for my board. It kept saying it was trying to connect, and it wasn’t until later that I saw a tiny window at the top of VSC that asked for the user name, then the password for the device. After that, VSC rebuilt things automatically and I can now debug again.