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I’m yosuke in charge of sales division in “Japan circuit”.
Our company sell tradex as japanese agency.
I’m having a promotion for tradex SOM with our customer.
One of our customer has some interest about it that we presented in the past.
They would like to buy one of it for test, I heard. But, they need some test data
about real time processing. I’d like to ask TRADEX company. Because ,if toradex
com has any data about it, I want to get it, and I will hand in to the customer.
Please tell me the person in charge who can use japanese.
Because we have a test specifications written in japanese that was given from
our customer.

In ohter way, They will use it for HILLS.
Hardware In the Loop Simulator
So,please let me know the operating experiences that you have been using TORADEX
for HILS.

thank you.

Dear @yosuke2021 , thanks for reaching out!

I’m Alvaro Garcia, Regional Sales Manager for Japan. Please, reach me out to my email (alvaro.garcia@toradex.com) directly in Japanese and I will support you.


Regarding your question, yes, Toradex has very good support for Real-Time processing. In particular, you can use modules that have an M core that have support for hard real time operating system like FreeRTOS. For example, you can use Colibri iMX7 or any module of the iMX8 family (Verdin iMX8M Mini, Apalis iMX8, etc.)

Here you have some development information:


Kind regards,