I am trying to update my dev board to the latest Torizon OS. But easy installer stalls downloading image list

I installed the latest easy installer and am trying to update to the latest version of Torizon os. It comes up and allows me to select the feeds and then but just sits there saying it’s “downloading image list” and the spinner goes, but nothing happens. I do see the data light on the ethernet flashing though.

It seems there is an issue with your network’s internet access or the DHCP server configuration. Please check and address this issue. Alternatively, you can download a Torizon image to your developer computer, unpack it onto a USB stick or SD card, and insert it into your carrier board. This method allows you to flash the image without requiring an internet connection.

Hi @alex.tx
I got it to work by using ifdown and ifup to get it to correctly be able to download. Installing the latest easy installer didn’t have that problem. The location of the images is quite helpful!! Thank you!!