HW accelerated browser in kiosk mode

When we are playing a video in the chromium browser we recognize high cpu usage and we think it is related to the fact that in kiosk mode there is no HW accelerated video playback (see here: Web Browser / Kiosk Mode with TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center)

Is there a workaround or when do you plan to provide a version with GPU support ?

Greetings @ripple,

The information you have so far is correct. At the moment we have no HW acceleration support in chromium for our modules. Unfortunately this is something that is largely out of our control at least with chromium.

We are currently investigating alternative browsers that may provide proper HW support. One lead we have right now is the “Cog” browser: GitHub - Igalia/cog: WPE launcher and webapp container

In our preliminary tests this browser appears to have proper HW acceleration for i.MX based devices. You could give this a try, there should be a “cog” package in Debian. Though be aware this is something we haven’t thoroughly tested yet and is not guaranteed to work in all situations.

With all that being said may I ask what is your use-case with accelerated browsers? Specifically what exactly do you want to do? Also are other browsers an option for you? Or is Chromium a hard requirement for some reason?

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Thank you for the answer.
We are trying to have a frontend with touchscreen and a webapplication which provides an user interface to control an instrument.
We would like to have some tutorial videos in the frontend to guide the user how to use the instrument.

We don’t have hard requirements for having Chromium. If you can recommend a browser which supports playing videos without high cpu usage (HW accelerated video playback) than we would give it a try!

Sounds good then. In that case I suggest you to keep an eye out for when we have an officially supported browser with HW acceleration. Like I said previously our most likely candidate at the moment is the “cog” browser.

Which you can give a try now. Just be aware we haven’t fully tested/validated this yet. But initial impressions look good.

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