I’d like to connect a WinCE 6.0 device to a web server using an HTTPS connection. The problem is that WinCE6 uses WinInet v6 which only supports SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0. None of which are supported by the webs current Best Practices due to their security flaws.

How do you get an old embedded WinCE device to support the later HTTPS protocols?

Dear @bengal88
There is no support in CE6 and WEC7 for newer security protocols. There are some third-party libraries available that offer support for newer SSL/TLS versions, for example:

Regards, Andy

As noted in the link above, Microsoft has updated WEC 7 to support TLS 1.2. Have you updated your WEC 700 SDK since since then?

Andy, we are using Colibri T30.


Dear @bengal88

We regularely update our BSPs with our own fixes as well as with the Microsoft updates.
The BSPs for the individual CPU families are processed separately.
Please edit your original question and tag it with the information about the hardware you are using, then I can tell you more details.

Regards, Andy

The original question was about WinCE 6 and HTTPS. The second point about WEC 7 and TLS was split into a separate question: