Hi @hfranco.tx

In the SOM board, I would link to modify the device tree for SPI slave configuration. let me know the changes to be done in the device tree.
Device tree name - (imx6ull-colibri-eval-v3.dtsi) and ( imx6ull-colibri.dtsi).
The software details -( Linux colibri-imx6ull-07137088 5.4.193-5.7.0+git.f78299297185 #1 SMP Mon Jul 11 14:42:03 UTC 2022 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux)
Kernel image - (Colibri-iMX6ULL_Reference-Multimedia-Image-Tezi_5.7.0+build.20 )

I am using the below boards
SOM Board : Colibri imx6ull 512MB IT
Carrier Board: iris v2.0A

Gagan Gowda G R

Hi @gagangowda,

Changes are already mentioned in below post. Kindly check and update device tree accordingly.

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Ritesh Kumar