HTTPD Thread ID to increase thread priority


I have similar problem as the following link

My web application was ported from win CE 6.0 and ISAPI .dll file was also ported but web app is running very very slow. I tested with the but seems no process is very hungry

In processes tab: all together 5%
In performance tab: Total cpu usage is about 24% and memory usage is 76%

I could not find the Thread ID of the HTTPD so that I could try to increase the thread priority. Process viewer shows the module ID but not the thread ID.

So, how to increase the priority of HTTPD thread?


I don’t think this is an issue of the thread priority.

I have added this comment also to the artcile you referenced to:

I quickly made some tests with the code we have here: . I quickly made a WEC 2013 project out of it. Basically it works fast. On the short run, I did not got everything working, so I was only able to test http:\ip\isapi\users which worked smoth. Tested that on IMX6 with the latest image as well as on Colibri T30 with the latest image.

In order to get that further solved we need some more information. Could you please narrow down, what part is slow? May you could add some print statments into your code and print some times tamps on the debug output.

If you have a simple example of some slow parts, please send us a running demo, so we can further investigate it.

I was talking to Toradex regarding this issue in our project. It seems that there is some difference/bug in WEC2013 in HTTPD compared to CE6.0 (from where our web-application was ported from) which is causing this.

WEC2013 handles the ConnectionTimeout and MaxConnections values in differently than CE6.0

The behaviour (sluggishness which is a multiple of 30 secs) changes dramatically when I change the value of ConnectionTimeout to 500 (0.5 sec) from 30000 (30 sec) and increase the MaxConnections to 100 instead of 10. But still in some more involved pages, it seems much slower than CE6.0.