HTTPD is too slow and not well responsive. What could be the reason?


we have build many times WCE8.0(2013) for Collibri T30. It is based on Betta version of Toradex BSP.
The Webserver(HTTP) responses very slowly and with delay. Especially, in case of multiple active web-browser o ask some HTTP request from this server, it takes either long time or sometimes returns “The server is too busy”. We had never got such a problem in case of using WCE7. But now we are using WCE2013 and encounter such a big barrier.

Could you please describe your setup a little bit closer?

  • What kind of pages are you requesting (static HTML, ASP?)
  • Does it also happens if you only request for a single page with only text?

I close this one as the same question is under discussion here: