HSM support

I am working on a Security project and need to know in case Toradex Provides any support on HSM or Soft HSM, I need to know this as I found Toradex modules very good for my upcoming projects.

Hi @shubh

Could you provide the version of the hardware and software of your module?
Which carrier Board are you using?

Colibri Eval Board, Colibri imx6 Dualite


I’m not sure what exactly are you looking for, but for your information our company is specialized in strenghten and entrust IoT devices, paricularly using HAB, Trusted Bootchain and encryption.


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AFAIK this feature is available only on the S32, it’s called HSE (Hardware Security Engine) and on the i.MX 8, it’s called SECO (SEcure COntroller).

Is not available in your Colibri imx6 Dualite.

Do you provide any details or support on this? I am looking for purchase the HSE oriented module.

S32 is a dedicated Automotive Platform

AFAIK Toradex don’t have any S32 module.

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I am actually looking for a solution which provides us the feasibility and information on HSM(Hardware Security Module). Usually when we use a HSM based system we do require some additional information about it.
As far as I know Nxp Module do provide HSM.

HI @shubh

There is a Secure Element Demo where the Secure Element A71CH of NXP and the Toradex Colibri iMX6ULL is combined. You can have a look and let us know if this fits your needs.

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