Howto install python


i have build the console-trdx-image via bitbake console-trdx-image .
This image missing python.

So i run bitbake python and want to install it @ Target via opkg install package but this dit not work ( dependency).

Which package(s) i have to install to get basic python running ?

( repo info: refs/heads/LinuxImageV2.6.1)

regards Lars

Hi Lars

You have to read the error messages from python, try to install the packages on which python depends and then install python.
This might be cumbersome as the dependent packages might again have unfulfilled dependencies and there is no easy way to get a list of all dependencies.

Since you already build the stuff, why not add in local.conf something like this:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "python"

and rebuild the image? That way its bitbake which does the dependency resolution for you and installs whatever is needed in the resulting image.


P.S. The Angstrom Project provides binary feeds for a limited number of packages. You might also try to install python from there.

opkg update
opkg install python

Hi Max, thanks for your response.

, try to install the packages on which python depends and then install python

i try this , but i finish up with a circular dependency. e.g. python-re require python-core and python-core reqiure python-re. ( only libpython2.7 can be installed )

Now i use IMAGE_INSTALL_append = “python” and rebuild whole image.

regards lars