How to wake up VF61

I would like to use SODIMM63 to wakeup VF61 from suspend mode. How to set the registry? It looks like in Windows CE6 there are different settings for PXA310 and VF61.

The wakeup sources are here:

Here is the pertinent page:

The possible wakeup sources for the VF61 are:
Colibri VF50/VF61
19, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 43, 45, 50, 59, 63, 81, 94, 95, 196

Unfortunately on VF61 I can not find [HKLM\System\PM\Suspend].

What version of the OS do you have? Suspend resume was added in 1.3

Yes I have checked it and I had version 1.2. I have upgrade it to the latest 1,3 beta 4
Now I can see the [HKLM\System\PM\Suspend] but when I want to modify it and save the registry I have got error “Init UpdateLib failed” and all my GPIO has stoped working. I have Col VF61 256MB IT V1.2A 04977615.
Could it be hardware problem? Or may be I have made mistake during the OS upgrade?

1.3beta4 is not latest version. 1.3 is latest final. Please update to 1.3

Now I have a problem because the Update from V1.3 does not support my VF61 message “Module HW version not supported”. What can I do?

You can try to update your device using bootloader console:

For the update you are using the version of update tool you have in 1.2 image?

I have made the update to 1.3beta4 using the tool of 1.2 image (I think) but when the update has been done and I have noticed problems with GPIO and SD card. Then I have copied (through USB OTG) update files to FlashDisk and I have tried to make update to v1.3 with the tools from 1.3 and it does not want to work. My tool from the version v1.2 is not available anymore.

Can you try to update using bootloader commands?

No. I have copied the NK6.bin and eboot.img to the SD card. I have used my Orchid v1.0 EVB and I have started the BootLoader. But after opening the command mode nothing has happened. When I have started manualy “flashloader” I have got message “Error initializing FAT on SDHC1”. It looks like the SD card connection is not working.

Are you able to access the SD card when the OS is running?
If it’s working when the OS is loaded, can you try to prepare the SD card as described here:

It may be a filesystem issue.

That’s the problem. I do not see the SD card. My software is running but the GPIO do not work either.

You must update the bootloader to v1.3 Beta4 also–and this needs to be done before updating the OS.

Set the OS back to v1.2, then update the bootloader, then flash the OS to v1.3Beta4. I learned this the hard way.

I have downloaded v1.2 and I have stored this image on the Flashdisk. What to do next if the Update Tool of is not working. Where can I find the UpdateTool for the image v1.2 for VF61?

In the end I have made the update to v1.3. The problem was related to my SD Card (SanDisk SDHC 8GB) the flashloader had problems with recognize it even when the Windows CE 6.0 (image v1.2 and v1.3) had seen it. After updating the image to v1.3 the wake up from suspend mode works fine. Thanks for help.