How to use VF61 Analogue Video ADC inputs in Linux

Per Colibri VF61 datasheet, there is an four channel Analogue Video ADC inputs , I suppose the H/W avaiable, the related SODIMM pin is 162, 164, 166, 168. but I didn’t find the defination in Pinout design tool.
has anybody tested it by Linux environment, include driver and application(display, H.264 recorder)? if you hasn’t, do you have any roadmap to implement it in your linux release. it looks very useful for some automotive application, for instants, surrounding camera.

thanks for your attention.



The analog video input is internally connected to the digital/parallel video input (VIU3 IP). There is a driver for a older version of the parallel part (VIU) which has been used in Freescale PowerPC parts, but the driver is not easily adoptable to Vybrid. A driver for the analogue part is entirely missing. We looked at the issue in the past, but it seems not trivial to adopt the driver. There is also issue #7770 on our public roadmap, currently under not planned…