How to use the Watchdog with and CE7?

According to

I tried the SW Watchdog with “WatchDogLib.dll”.

I’m using Apalis T30 with Win CE7 (V1.4). WatchDogLib has Version 1.0.0.

WatchdogGetLibVersion (DWORD *pVerMaj, DWORD *pVerMin, DWORD *pBuild) ==> Returns True and 1,0,0

WatchdogInit (void) ==> Returns True

WatchdogRetrigger (5000) ==> Returns False

WatchdogDeinit (void) ==> can't PINVOKE

At least the CPU doesn’t reboot after 5s. I didn’t test yet if it reboots after the Default TimeOut.
For CreateWatchDogTimer (Windows CE 5.0) | Microsoft Docs i have no exact Idea how i could use it.

Best regards, Stefan

The watchdog lib is currently only supporting PXAxxx modules. For Tegra modules we recommend to use the hardware watchdog as well as WinC Software Watchdog.

I assume you could use the Software Watchdog the same way you Pinvoke our libraries. See also some more details on our developer website about this topic.