How to use SODIMM pin numbers to access GPIOs in userspace

The following feature is listed in release notes of Linux 2.8b3:

Support MXM/SODIMM Pin Numbers to Get/Set GPIOs

Allow using MXM or SODIMM pin numbers to get or set GPIOs. This also allows for easier code porting from one to another Toradex module.

How this feature can be used? Specifically, how GPIOs can be exported/read/written by their SODIMM pin numbers in userspace (e.g. Linux shell)?


This refers to the addition of libsoc to the images.

It’s a C library which abstracts the work with SoC peripherals through e.g. device files and sysfs. Additionally you can name certain peripherals consistently across different platforms. Have a look at
the provided example configuration files for Colibri VF in '/usr/share/libsoc/colibri-vf61.con 'and ‘colibri-vf50.conf’.

You cannot use the library from a shell.


Note that other board files are in the process of upstreaming.