How to use RS485 on Colibri T30 ? CTS issue

Dear Support,

We encounter a problem concerning the use of the RS485 with the Colibri T30 on the Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2.
We are able to use the RS485, reading and writing. But only if we connect a strong resistor, typically 10 MOhm, this pull down resistor is connected to the Uart-B CTS. We discovered this using a probe on this pin.

So, if we don’t connect the Uart-B CTS to the pull down resistor, we are not able to run the RS485.
Despite that we are able to get this work on our IMX7 module, with the same configuration and program without the pull down resistor.
But it’s not the same serial library. On the Col T30 → libnvuart.dll
IMX7 → serial_imx7.dll

We keep searching, but we didn’t found a solution yet.

Thanks for your support,
Best Regards,
Thomas Schurch

@Thomas.S: Is this issue related to this question? We are currently investigating the issue and will get back to you.

Yes, it’s related, but because we didn’t identify the problem at the begining, I thought a more oriented question could help.
Thanks for your support.

@Thomas.S: I will answer in the previous question and will close this issue for now.