How to use opencl in embedded linux Yocto in Apalis iMX8QM v1.1D

Dear all,

i’m working with the following configuration:
Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT V1.1D
Ixora Carrier Board V 1.2A
DISTRO_CODENAME = “kirkstone”

Is there any reference information on building with opencl Yocto for Machine Learning?

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Hi @sjjin, have you checked this?

Can you try adding the following to the local.conf?

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " imx-gpu-viv fsl-gpu-sdk"

However, we have customers reporting that CPU performance is better than GPU: How to build OpenCL programming environment in yocto - #5 by deepimpact

Hi, @alvaro.tx ,

This has been confirmed.

As you informed me to local.conf We will add it.

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "imx-gpu-viv fsl-gpu-sdk"

What I’m hoping to do is wonder if there is an opencl reference like this.

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