How to use and enable GPIO pins for PS2 Keyboad and mouse

i am using Colibri imx6 + Iris Carrier board with Linux Operating System. I want to use ps2 keyboard and mouse using the GPIO Pins. So how configure and use the GPIO pins in Linux.

I have did the same in T20+Iris Carrier board with WINCE7 OS using “keyboard driver registry settings article from toradex” and simillarly mouse also and i used SODIMM 69 and 65 pins for Keyboard and SODIMM 63 and 55 for Mouse.

But with the same SODIMM pins how to MAP and Configure with the iMX6 DL Board with Linux Operating System.

So please can any one help me out from this problem.

Unfortunately, there is no such GPIO bitbanging PS/2 keyboard/mouse driver integrated in any of our Embedded Linux BSPs. As PS/2 is rather obsolete by now I would suggest for you to use regular USB keyboard/mouse instead. Alternatively, you may try integrating the following mainline Linux kernel driver: