How to USB video out on verdin imx8mm board?

How to output video on USB on verdin imx8mm board?

Is it possible or not? if yes then how?

Hi @vivek338,

We have not tested any such configuration neither we have any steps or article for same.
As per my understanding it should be possible to write usb client driver to make linux act as UVC compliant camera and can be connected to other USB host but don’t know how much effort that will involve.

May I know what is your usecase to further understand your requirement?

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Ritesh Kumar

HI @ritesh.tx ,

Iam working on a project where we take input from one USB and video out on another USB,

I have done the first part and searching solution for the second part and I think if video in is possible then video out also, like USB webcam gadget.

The reason for going on USB video out is HDMI licensing issue, if u have solution for HDMI or any other video out then it will be helpful for me.

Please help !!!

Hi @vivek338,

Can you confirm if i get this right. You will be using Verdin as USB device, once it connect to USB host of other PC/system, this provide video stream captured from USB device connected to verdin?
If above if true then you will need to use UVC gadget driver in Linux and application in userspace which somehow map the video stream from USB camera to UVC gadget.
We don’t have exact steps for same but below post will atleast get you starting

Linux UVC Gadget Driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

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Ritesh Kumar