How to upgrade weston version to 12.xx with yocto project

Hi team,

We are using the Apalis iMX8 along with the Ixora carrier board and Yocto Project dunfell to create this image.

The current Linux apalis-imx8-07107212 5.4.193-5.7.3-devel+git.49e4130e2197 comes with westion 9.00 preinstalled.

How can I upgrade weston from 9.0.0 to 12 version. during the build? (Yocto tdx-reference-multimedia-image project) .

To do this, we need to modify the Yocto Project’s configuration or recipes related to Weston in your build system. This might involve adjusting the recipe version, specifying a different source, or incorporating patches if necessary. please let me know, is there any specific steps would depend on your Yocto setup and the recipe used to build Weston with 12.0.0 version.

Deepak J

Hi @djewargi,

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If you need weston 12, you need to backport Weston 12 from Yocto branch nanbield to dunfell just like we did with Weston 9.

Weston 12.0.2 recipe is available below

Please be aware we are not sure how much and what all places you need to modify in order to get Weston 12 working.

Can you also let us know what are reasons you want to use Weston 12 and not Weston 9?

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Ritesh Kumar

Please tell us what is interesting in the new version weston ?

in file oe-core/layers/meta-freescale/conf/machine/include/ we found
PREFERRED_VERSION_weston:imx-nxp-bsp ??= "10.0.1.imx"

after add new .bb files probably you need add in oe-core/build/conf/local.conf
PREFERRED_VERSION_weston:imx-nxp-bsp ??= "12.0.2"

only new files will not be enough

Certainly! It seems like one of our team members is having trouble with Weston while working on Chrome webpages in our project. Below is his comments

"I’m working on an issue right now where if chrome invokes this sad_tab routine which kills and restarts the tab , the window focus is lost and it requires some click or keyboard command to get it back. I opened an issue on the Weston gitlab to check with their developers and they indicated that in a later version of Weston (we are on 9.x.x and current in 12.x.x) the handling of surfaces coming and going is changed in the 12.x.x version. "

Deepak J

Hi @djewargi ,

Thanks for sharing, at the moment this is only option of back porting Weston.
Check and let us know if you encounter any issue, although we have not tested so we are not sure if this will work or not and amount of effort required while doing so but we will sure try to help you with best of our knowledge.

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Ritesh Kumar