How to Tunnel VNC over SSH on WEC7

We are working with an iMX6DL 512 module running WEC7 bsp 1.3b4 mounted on a carrierboard designed by us.

By the nature of our application we need to have remote access to the WEC7 desktop, currently we do it through a VNC EFON server.
This is sufficient in many of our projects, however in some others the levels of security that are required of us are higher. For this reason we are thinking of implementing a connection, yes, through VNC but through an SSH channel. Something similar to this

To do this we need to install an SSH server in WEC7 that is compatible with the VNC EFON to be able to do the redirect.

Do you know about any SSH server that we can implement? and do you know if the VNC Efon server is able to work this way?

thanks for your help

Hi @RamonM,

Unfortunately i’m not very familiar with the EFON VNC server implementation, but if i remember correctly it’s an open source project. It should not ne too difficult to implement a secure connection instead of the normal one.
WinCE supports SSL/TLS 1.1/1.2 so changing the connection code to use it should be doable.

I’m also not very experienced with SSL/TLS, but this could be a good starting point for you:

link text

Some years ago I have made a VS2008 project on base of CESSH of CODEPLEX. It was not made for a Toradex module, so you have to edit sln and vcproj files.
Using putty I could not open a shell but I could establish a SSH tunnel.

thanks, I implemented an ssh server using the REBEX SSH library, and indeed through the putty I was able to set the tunnel, now I’m just looking to disable the default port of vnc 5900 in wince