How to transfer files using Bluetooth?

I want to transfer files using Bluetooth but as given in the article Bluetooth (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center I dont have obexftp tool. I am running linux 3.14.28 kernel on i-MX6.Kindly help regarding this issue.

obexftp is required for transferring files. One would require a custom image build as stated on the article to include obexftp. There might be other options to transfer files but we have not tested them.

Also note that obex/obexftp is currently only supported by the bluez4 stack. For the bluez4 stack one would have to use the fido branch of OpenEmbedded. Our current jethro release uses the bluez5 stack and as a result obex packages are blacklisted by jethro release. We have yet to test the blue5 stack available with jethro.

So actually file transfer over bluetooth is not supported for iMX7 because the unique toradex version supported by iMX7 is 2.6/2.6.1 and it not support obexftp, right?

Do you have a release date for morty? (hoping obexftp is not in blacklist)

Please see the comment here.