How to Switch Input Channels in ACM for ADV7180 Decoder?


For ADV7180,

On ACM, currently I am using channel - 0, connector X2 , video input -1. But, when I try to switch the channel from 0 to 1, 2, 3 and 4, I am not getting output. My camera works only on channel - 0(video input - 1).

I am switching the channels using following commands, v4l2-ctl -i 0 v4l2-ctl -i 1 v4l2-ctl -i 2 v4l2-ctl -i 3 v4l2-ctl -i 4

The output of each command is as below:

root@colibri-t20:~# v4l2-ctl -i 0

Video input set to 0 (Camera: ok)

root@colibri-t20:~# v4l2-ctl -i 1

Video input set to 1

root@colibri-t20:~# v4l2-ctl -i 2

Video input set to 2

root@colibri-t20:~# v4l2-ctl -i 3

VIDIOC_S_INPUT: failed: Invalid argument

root@colibri-t20:~# v4l2-ctl -i 4

VIDIOC_S_INPUT: failed: Invalid argument

By default, ACM using channel - 0.

For ADV7180 decoder usage, I also assembled the resistors R52, R56, R60, R64 and R68 on ACM.

How can I get input or switch the channels other then 0 in ACM for ADV7180?



I have the same setup:

Colibri T20 [v1.2]

Colibri Evaluation Board [v3.1]

Analog Camera Module(ACM) [v1.1]

I am facing the same exact problem:
I can get the video to work only when the analog camera is connected to analog video input 1.
gst-launch v4l2src ! xvimagesink

On any other video input the display is blank.

If I use video input 1 and run v4l2-ctl -i 0 then the displayed video is in greyscale.

If I use video input 1 and run v4l2-ctl -i 1 then the displayed video is in color.

If I use video input 1 and run v4l2-ctl -i 2 then the displayed video is in more intense color.

v4l2-ctl -i 3 and v4l2-ctl -i 4 gives VIDIOC_S_INPUT: failed: Invalid argument

If anybody can help with this problem or even explain why it is happening, I would be extremely grateful.

The idea would be not only to assemble the zero Ohm resistors R52, R56, R60, R64, R68 but to also disassemble the zero Ohm resistors R51, R55, R59, R63, R67. Otherwise the results from channel switching may be unexpected.