How to start Desktop/GUI on TK1 2.7.4


I have updated to 2.7.4 and everything went fine (I had to enable ext4 in uboot to pass through the kernel panic!). Now I see there is LXDE already…but how to enable it?

In normal ubuntu I would do service lightdm start…whats the similar command here?

LXDE should really already be enabled. On a systemd enabled Embedded Linux one would go about e.g. re-starting it as follows:

systemctl restart lxdm

Thanks for reply, but I think I have to do more stuff. Currentrly I have: ixora’s hdmi → DVI converter → RGB converter. My monitor says NO SIGNAL. Is there any guide for booting to Desktop mode from a clean install?

When I do ‘xrandr’ I get Can’t open display :0.0

Then something is really wrong and the X server did not even start which should never ever happen. What exact image are you running? If you have not yet tried our regular LXDE demo image I would suggest doing that first to get a working baseline.

Hmmm I have exactly followed that guide. I have installed 2.7.4. it seems no xorg/x11/xsession are active

Could you please post a complete serial console boot log thereof?

Sure, please have a look HERE

I looked at your boot log and the only thing I found is that it does not detect your HDMI screen which is most possibly caused by errata 7 which is fixed in an upcoming hardware revision. Alternatively you may try another carrier board like the Apalis Evaluation board which is much less susceptible to this issue. Why exactly xrandr reports Can't open display is a miracle to me as due to LVDS being always on it should not depend on HDMI connectivity. Where exactly did you enter xrandr? Can you check on the value of the DISPLAY variable (e.g. echo ${DISPLAY})?