How to setup UART on Viola


I am trying to connect the UART_A to a RS232 simply with jumper wires. I have connected the RX_A and TX_A and Ground. (Pin 7, 26 & 27). Is this possible and what settings (baudrate, etc) would UART be using?

So what i have is a brand-new Viola carrier board, with 3 jumper wires connected to RX, TX and the ground on the board.

I use PuTTy to connect to it, but as of now i dont have any output.

I am using:
Collibri IMX6ULL 512MB WB V1.1A
Viola Carrier Board V1.2B

Greetings @senkoo!

The Viola Carrier Board does not have any RS-232 transceivers. The UART signals are all 3.3V and can be connected directly to any UART to USB converter that supports this voltage level. The connections are as simple as you described: RX, TX and GND to your converter.

For the debug console on UART A, we use 115200 baud rate, 8N1. You can read more about this here.

Hello Gustavo.tx,

So this is my setup. And I am not getting any output, I am using PuTTy for the serial console and the RS232 is converted to USB connected to my PC on COM5.

The output console is not getting anything.

I was under the impression this should work or am i doing something wrong?

Senkoo.alt text

No, that most likely already destroys resp. pins as RS232 voltage levels may be anywhere between minus and plus 25 volts! What you would have needed to use is a proper 3.3 volt TTL to RS232 converter/transceiver.