How to set up for Torizon development on Ubuntu for Qt

I’ve started looking into Torizon (both the 2.8 and 3.0 BSPs look like dead ends for us), but I’m totally lost. I’m looking for some kind of “how to get there” instructions. We want to continue with an Ubuntu 18.04 development environment, use the latest Qt 5 (widgets based), and be able to cross-compile for and run on Torizon. I’ve gone through the Torizon “Getting Started Guide”, set up a Docker account, loaded Torizon on my iMX6, etc., but now what? Can someone please point me in the right direction and/or to a link that describes what I need to set up and how?



Hi @KingGrunt ,

here are some articles to follow next:

Torizon related articles:

Qt Debian Container for Torizon:

Hi Matheus,

Thanks for the response. However, I’m looking for something more along the lines of how migrate our current project to Torizon. All I’ve been able to find so far is a bunch of stuff that talks about containers, dockers, theory related to the above, along with a few examples of how to create them to run other people’s code - i.e. nothing practical about how to move from where we are today into the world of Torizon.

For the time being, we’re working with an OpenEmbedded build (Toradex v2.8 BSP, console-tdx-image with Qt 5.9.7, eglfs, etc.) on an Ubuntu 18.04 development environment (in a VM). However, Torizon appears to be the only potential solution for maintaining and enhancing our products after they’ve already been placed in service on a customer’s site. For instance, we can’t limit ourselves to old versions of Qt and/or the Linux kernel. Nor can we force customers to disassemble the unit and do things like putting the iMX6 in recovery mode, reinstalling the “Easy Installer” to install software upgrades, etc., nor is it practical to send out field service techs to do it. And on and on… So thus the dead end with both 2.8 and 3.0.

Hi @KingGrunt

Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback. You’re right and the documentation is not as good as we would like at the moment. Torizon is still under development we hope that we can clarify a lot of your questions as soon as we release the first version. However, we happy to get more feedback about to Torizon also if it’s negative:) We are also in contact with Qt about how we can improve things for Qt developers. However, right now I’m afraid we don’t have a good solution yet. Please try to continue the development with BSP2.8/3.0 for now and we hope we can address your issues soon.

If you use Boot2Qt we showed something at the QtDay 2019:

However, it’s the proprietary version of Qt and I compiled Boot2Qt manually. You can then cross compile by installing the QBSP inside QtCreator.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the update. Earlier this week we decided to do exactly as you suggested - continue with the v2.8 BSP for now, and come back and revisit the move to Torizon in a couple of months. Hopefully that will give y’all a little more time to point us in the right direction.


Perfect, thanks a lot for the feedback!