How to set the Admin Password automatically?


how can i set the Admin Password without actually accessing the Webinterface?

I want to “production programm” the Devices with a specific password.
But as it seems in the Registry the Password is encoded differently.

So if you copy the key from one Box to the other, it does not work.

Can you tell me how to achieve this?

Best regards, Stefan

See a similiar discussion here:

The result of this discussion is:

“I created a small application which sets the password and reboot the device. This executable is embedded into the OS using a .bib file and placed into the /Windows/StartUp folder using a .dat file.”

@Frax222 : Thank you for the fast reply. But i’m not sure how to create a small Application for this purpose. For me it sounds like it is embedded in the Windows CE7 Image?
Is it possible to create a .net Application which could do this once?

in native C you can do this with NTLMSetUserInfo(user,password), see

Hi @Stefan.P

Is the issue solved?

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@jaski.tx : I’m sorry it was not the highest priority the last time. I was not sure how to create the “native C” application. I Used to use the VS2008 Toolchain. How can i create a native C application for Windows CE7?

Hi @Stefan.P ,
You can try this prebuilt AddUser.exe which just calls NTLMSetUserInfo():

here is the source:

#include <windows.h>
#include "Ntlmssp.h"

int _tmain(int argc, TCHAR *argv[], TCHAR *envp[])
    return 0;

So to use the prebuilt executable just pass username and password as a command line param