Hello All,
We have an Apalis iMX8 QM and Ixora carrier board.
I have a question About HDMI Display Driver!!
We want to display a FullHD 1920-1080-30 htz but currently it works as 1920-1080-60(Apalis-iMX8_Reference-Multimedia-Image)
I just wanna ask how to set frame rate(rootfs or kernel) ??
Is there the ability to set HDMI output refresh rat at the wayland??
Any suggestion??
Thank you very much.

Could anyone provide more details about my question,please???
It’s still not clear how to set refreshrate HDMI(KernelMode-UserMode)???

you can copy
1920x1080-30.bin (128 Bytes) to /lib/firmware/ if it is Linux BSP on Apalis iMX8 SoM. Then run fw_setenv tdxargs drm.edid_firmware=1920x1080-30.bin in Linux or setenv tdxargs drm.edid_firmware=1920x1080-30.bin; saveenv in U-Boot.
You can generate customized EDID binary by this project.

Hello @hhami,

Have you already tried to set-up your display with the custom EDID binary file? May I know if you could make any progress there?