How to select the PCB manufacturer for customized Ixora carrier board

I am designing a customized carrier board based on the Ixora carrier board from Toradex as it is, and I want to send it to the PCB manufacturer but I don’t know to which PCB manufacturer should I send, I want to send the same PCB manufacturer that @Toradex sends Ixora to prevent of mismatching in impedance and stackup.

I downloaded the reference files, then I generated the fabrication files using Altium, but there is no any information related to impedance, and PCB manufacturer asked about impedance profile information,

If anyone did the successful production of the Ixora carrier board, may I know with which PCB manufacturer did it?

Which PCB manufacturer @toradex used to produce the Ixora carrier board?
Does anyone have the all fabrication files for the Ixora carrier board or Toradex can provide them?

Sorry, but information about our PCB manufacturer is considered internal to Toradex and cannot be shared. There are many PCB manufacturers available worldwide. According to our hardware engineers, the Altium project files for the Ixora board includes all the necessary information to generate Gerber files for any PCB manufacturer. If you need additional information related to impedance and other layout requirements, please consult our Carrier board layout design guide.