How to run VNC server on imx8?

Hello All
I am trying to run x11vnc on imx8mm based custom board using below command

x11vnc -display :0 -passwd admin

and the output is

passing arg to libvncserver: -passwd
x11vnc version: 0.9.16 lastmod: 2019-01-05  pid: 468
Wayland display server detected.
Wayland sessions are as of now only supported via -rawfb and the bundled deskshot utility. Exiting.

After that vnc is not starting so i added -rawfb x11vnc -display :0 -passwd admin -rawfb /dev/fb0

and it is started vnc server but getting black screen because in imx8mm not used fb0 it is using drm buffer. this command x11vnc -display :0 -passwd admin -rawfb /dev/fb0 working on imx6 devices. How i config x11vnc on my imx8 based device? also i am using weston display.

You are right traditional framebuffers (such as /dev/fb0) are not utilized in this context. Instead, Weston operates using DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) buffers. x11vnc was primarily tailored for X11, and as Wayland/Weston embodies a distinct graphics stack, direct interfacing with Wayland using tools like x11vnc can present challenges.

For alternative solutions, you might consider WayVNC. If that isn’t suitable, you can try the FreeRDP , an open-source RDP server and client, .

Please also check this presentation

Hi @alex.tx, Thanks for your replay. WayVNC seems to work only with wlroots-based compositor so it is not use in weston right ?

Hi @bhavanihimanshu,

Were you able to find solution for VNC? We do have instruction for our TorizonOS please check and let us know if you can use TorizonOS for your solution.

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