How to run freerdp

I’m using imx7d-emmc SOM and viola plus carrier board

build tdx-multimedia-reference-image for my target device

Added freerdp recipe from meta-oe by CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "freerdp " and built the image.

read instruction on internet about freerdp but didn’t get much about how to use it.

connected my toradex system to a host device through ssh so as to get a bigger screen to view also i provided internet to toradex system through ethernet.

when i type freerdp it shows some permission denied. I don’t have a clue how to give it a permission. Searched over internet but could’nt found anything relatable

Hi @SY7,

Thanks for posting your query. From shared error, xfreerdp is not able to find default or connected display.
Please verify you have display connected and DISPLAY environment variable is available before running application.

export DISPLAY=:0

By setting the DISPLAY variable to “:0”, you are telling applications to use the default display screen for their graphical output.

Best Rrgards
Ritesh Kumar